Adblabla Launch. The New Way to Get Started

Ever since the first yam was bartered for the first mound of maize and advertising was born, man has been intrigued with way by which he can get information about his products out.

So while Advertising is as old as Commerce itself, so also Web advertising as old as the internet.

Advertising on the internet has come in many forms since its inception. Web banners of different dimensions, text links as well as various media rich offerings such as flash animations and web videos. It has become so proliferated that most people have become numb to it, and tend to mentally block it out in a phenomenon known as banner blindness.

In recent times however, a new format of advertising has become popular. This is the format of the sponsored post. The sponsored post is simply a post that has been paid for by an advertiser and is uploaded unto a site or an app by its owner as in-line content. It is simply a paid Advertisement that is masquerading as site content.
While this is a relatively simple concept it is one that has become not only one of the most popular methods of web advertising, it is also become known as a very effective one. Big brand advertisers as well as young brands seeking markets to launch new products and services have leveraged this form of advertising with great success, generating a lot more interest and attention for their products and services than if they had used generic web banner ads. Take that Ad Block and Banner Blindness!!!

Now imagine a situation where instead of just paying one blogger to get your ads sponsored to just a single demographic of users, you are able to publish your posts simultaneously on up to a 1000 blogs with the varying demography of users that a thousand unique sites present.
This is the model of Adblabla Launch, the latest offering from the stables of Adblabla .com, Nigerias only peer to peer ad swapping network.
Adblabla leverages on its 1500+ site for their new product Adblabla Launch, presenting prospective advertisers with an opportunity to reach out to specific pre-selected demographics to promote their goods and services, while simultaneously providing the blog/website owners an alternative revenue stream.

The first of its kind in Nigeria, this service is set to change the way in which we consider online digital advertising opportunities in Nigeria.

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