Adblabla: The Extended Benefit Series – Chain Reaction

Yes! Adblabla is an Ad-network. No! Adblabla is not like other Ad-networks. The key difference is how you pay for ads on the network.

For ad-networks like Google Adsense, there is a cost implication to feature one’s ad on the network. On Adblabla, that cost component does not exist. Herein is the beginning of the extended benefits Adblabla brings to the table.

On Adblabla, people actually pay for their ads using credits generated by their web traffic. This process creates the first benefit Adblabla brings to users, especially for those who have well-funded budgets to cater for online advertising.

Every penny spent on advertisement on some platform outside of Adblabla may or may not lead to traffic to one’s site. Without Adblabla, the benefit of that singular traffic on any given website is limited to whatever desired outcome the website’s owner wants. However, if such a site is part of the Adblabla network, this singular traffic in addition to the desired outcome generates some credits on the Adblabla network. This generated credit leads to another person finding his or her way to the site in question; then the process repeats itself.

At the end of day, a chain reaction of web traffic leading to traffic which then leads to more traffic is started.

This chain reaction is one of the extended benefits of