An Introduction to Adblabla

In light of the growing internet revolution taking place in Nigeria, the competition to position one’s site or blog in the face of web users is getting stiffer by the day. A lot of people now jumpstart their platforms by paying N50,000 for one feature to Linda Ikeji and this feature lasts for less than a day before it is pushed to the bottom of the page by other features.

While some are on Linda Ikeji, others have resorted to platforms like Nairaland, Facebook and google AdWords, but irrespective of the platform, sustainability of such marketing drive is usually limited to a few weeks or at most, a few months. The reason for the end of such marketing drive is usually CASH!

Limited funds especially for startups forces good sites with brilliant ideas to become lost in the ever increasing internet buzz space. Blogs with excellent articles are not left out from this “fading to oblivion” too.

So, let’s introduce you to Adblabla.

Adblabla is a new platform that intends to reset the cost basis of advertising and ultimately drive down the cost to ZERO.

Adblabla will achieve this objective by leveraging on relationships and using the existing traffic from any website as a bargaining chip to get free advertising somewhere else.

The idea is built on creating a unique network of hundreds and possibly thousands of websites and blogs, within which members can promote almost any content, product or service for FREE. Yes, it will be free for any member of the network to promote whatever he or she chooses on the network. Off course members of the network will still retain the autonomy to decide what kind of content appears on their individual site or blog.

Even though advert is free on the network, members actually “pay” for this advert using their own web traffic. Sites with more web traffic will see their ads featured more frequently on the network compared to those with less traffic. At the end of the day, it’s a fair scenario that creates a win-win situation.

The ONLY catch in this Freebie network is this: - As a member of the network, you must also accept free ads on your website or blog from members of the network.

With this new model, startups with low marketing budget can begin to leverage on the total size of the Adblabla network to promote their idea at almost no cost. New bloggers can now ensure their content is being properly diffused and yes, ecommerce sites can publicize their promotions for free.

So, are you still wondering what Adblabla is all about?