Improving your Banner Ads Performance

It’s one thing to have widespread demographic reach for your ads, but what’s the use of such a reach if all people are seeing are drab unattractive ads that repel rather than attract their attention?

Your banner ads are the emissaries to your site, sent abroad to gather interest and return with users. They are the windows to your shop located in the busiest city centres or commercial districts, and you wouldn’t decorate your shop window with the most unattractive of your products would you? In today’s fast paced world people have short attention spans, and they take decisions in split seconds, hence you only ever have no more than a few seconds to draw a prospective client, visitor or customer in.

At Adblabla we want to make sure you get the full benefit of the unique opportunity our business model offer you and so we’ve together a number to things to take into consideration when you are deciding how to create your banner ads.

1. Make Banner ads with the most popular dimensions. There are a number of banner ad sizes that have been shown to have the greatest impact and popularity in online Advertising campaigns.

According to Google Adsense the most successful sizes are the:
• 336×280 Large Rectangle
• 300×250 Medium Rectangle
• 728×90 Leaderboard
• 160×600 Wide Skyscraper

2. Make as many Banner Sizes as possible: While keeping in mind rule 1 above, also try as much as possible to make as many banner sizes as possible. Remember that as much as you’re making the popular sizes all other sites will also have those sizes and hence competing for ad slots with those size of placements. However some site may have placements in the uncommon sizes and if the Adblabla engine doesn’t find your ad in that uncommon size you might miss out of an important exposure opportunity.

3. Keep your themes: As much as possible let your banner ad use the same colour themes used on your website. This will give your visitor less of a jarring transition and a seamless experience on your site.

4. Keep it Simple: Remember you have only a few seconds to catch your viewers’ attention. So keep your ads simple. This means most likely a single colour background, a compelling graphic, A legible message and lastly a call to action.

5. Ensure you have a call to action: This includes having a button or clickable words with compelling words such as ‘Buy now’ or ‘Click here’. These words create a sense of subconscious urgency in your viewers mind and help to convert your adverts into clicks and page visits.
6. Keep your files sizes small. Remember that images take time to load. Ensure that your ad is small and efficient enough to load as quickly as possible. If your ad takes time to load and loads long after the content of the host page has loaded, you run the possibility of the viewer clicking away from the page even before your ad has finished loading therefore ensuring you’ve missed out on a display opportunity.

7. Use animation: While over the top animation on your ad can lend it a cheap feel, used sparingly and with relevance it can be a powerful tool for your ad. Animation small elements of your add where possible, that will help to catch your audiences eyes, such as a flashing discount sign.

8. Lastly, it is important you don’t bore your audience with the same ad for a long period of time. Try and change your ad every two to three weeks, varying content and placement of elements within the ad.