Understanding Your Click Through Ratio

In a continuation of our series on how to get the best experience from the

AdblaBla.com network we will be having a discussion about Click through Rates and why this metrics is important, as well as ho0w to monitor, measure and compare the CTR of not only your different ads but also across different Ad platforms and Networks.

What is the Click through Rate?

Simply put the CTR is a metric used to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of an Advert or email campaign.

The CTR of an Ad is defined as the number of clicks on the said Ad, divided by the number of times the Ad is presented (impressions), the resulting figure expressed as a percentage. The higher this figure is the better.

It helps to show you how many times your Ads are being clicked in comparison to how many times they are being shown, and with that explanation illustrates why it is such an important metric you should never fail to track.

From the time when banner ad first started to appear on the internet Click Through rates have steadily declined from about 4 or 5% to the current average of between 0.2 and 0.3 percent depending on the format of said AD.

Many things determine the CTR and the inherent success of a banner AD. From the size and position of the advert in the context of the webpage on which it is being displayed to the size, colour and position of the elements within the advert itself.

As a member of the Adblabla.com network you can track from your control panel the CTR of your individual ads.

Helpful Hint

We would like to share two main tips by which you can get the optimum CTR for your Ad Campaigns’.

1. Design professional and compelling Ads with a clear message and Call to Action. Read our past issues and follow this on-going series on how to make the best and most compelling adverts for your site. Read here and here

2. Because of the subjective nature of banner ads, it is important that you carry out some sort of experiment on your ad content and presentation. For optimal results on your ads we suggest you have at leadst three different ads for at lerast five different sizes and categories of Ad banners run at set periods of time on the network. With these 15 ads running you will be able to compare with the use of our control panel, the Click through rates of each AD as well as Size. With this information you would easily be able to determine the best ad design and size with the optimal CTR tha you should deploy expansively over the network.