Free Online Advertising and Content Marketing - Feature Image in Contents

As part of our plan to “uberize” online adverting in Nigeria and the greater Africa, we have launched our free content marketing module which we call Post Promotions on Adblabla.

Since the launch of this content marketing module, we have received numerous enquiries from owners of blogs and websites who are serious about free online advertising in Nigeria or Africa at large about why we are unable to properly retrieve posts from their wordpress blog/site. Specifically, the problem is that the post title is retrieved but the feature image isn’t.

The reason why this happens is very simple. YOU ARE USING WORDPRESS.

To achieve our goal of online advertising in Nigeria by content marketing, the Adblabla platform is built to retrieve your blog posts by reading the RSS feeds of blogs or websites. It is from this feed that we retrieve each post and the corresponding feature image. For blogspot based blogs, the image and post title are present in the RSS feed by default, but in the default configuration, only the blog title is available in the wordpress RSS feed. The feature image is not available.

If your blog is a WordPress hosted free plan, this RSS feed configuration cannot be changed.

However, if you are self-hosted or you have one of the paid WordPress hosted plans, then you can add the feature image to the RSS feed by either editing the functions.php file of the theme you are using or by installing a plugin.

For detailed step by step instructions on how to use a plugin or edit the functions.php file, please visit this blog post