The Power of Unique Content

As part of the optimizing your ad performance series, today we will be talking about the power of unique content.

Post promotion is a content marketing module on Adblabla that automatically pulls post from our users blogs and promote them on the network. In the default setting, every post you create , eventually gets to be promoted. On first glance this appears to be very good. However, if you think about it a second time, you will realize that you may have some posts that you should be promoting and those that you shouldn’t.

A typical example of a post that you should not be promoting is a post that you got from another blog but has been reposted already by hundreds of other blogs. Unfortunately, this is the predominant nature of blog content in the Nigerian context. A post about some political event appears on a popular blog, then within a few hours it is reposted on hundreds of other blogs. If you promote such a post on Adblabla, then you may be wasting your credits because almost everyone has seen or read about it already.
Picture this, if you were a reader and you saw a post about President Buhari winning the US lottery on one blog, you may get curious and click on this post. After this first read, will you click on that same topic again for the next few days? I bet your answer will be no and that exactly is the point of this blog post.

If you regularly promote posts, that are already everywhere on the social media space, you end up burning up your Adblabla credits while having a very low chance that someone will click on it. In some cases you may completely burn ALL your credits, without getting even a single click.
The simple fix to this, is UNIQUE CONTENT. If your contents are unique and fresh, people will regularly click on your posts and this will lead to the traffic that you need.

So start sourcing for unique content today, for inspiration, you may want to check out, but if you copy a post from there, always give credit to whom credit is due